Some of the best ones I’ve heard are: The 70 yr. old toddler, the Orange Blowfish, Cheeto Jesus, The Orange Douche Nozzle, The Bouffant Buffoon, Captain Chaos, Daddy Warbucks, Donald Dipshit, The Human Combover, Orange Caligula, Prima Donald, Whiny Little Bitch, The White Kanye, Hair Hitler, Donald Drumfkopf, Super-callous-fragile-ego-extra-braggadocious, Forrest Trump, Putin’s Puppet, Putin’s BFF, The Trumpinator, Donald the Insufferable, Donald Chickenheart, Trumpasoreass Rex, Trumpenstein, The Great Trumpkin, The Grim Groper, The King of Unintentional Comedy, Financially Embattled Thousandaire, Demander in Chief, Sniffles, The Orange Devil, The Orange Tyrant, The Orange Abomination, President Von Munchousen, Chauvinist-in-Chief, Job Security for Comedians, and finally, A Delusional Fucktarded Orange Howler Monkey Leading A Circus of Freaks. You’re welcome.

I’m a retired psychiatric technician, a single mom of an adult son, an avid journal-keeper, jewelry-maker, and work-in-progress writer.

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