I also write on Quora, and have answered a lot of questions about fat acceptance. Too many people seem to think it means that fat people are advocating for, and encouraging other people to be fat like them. Or saying that being fat is better than being thin. But as you've said, it's simply accepting ourselves as we are, in order to have enough self-esteem to navigate our way through our lives. I can remember when I was younger I bought into the whole idea that I couldn't feel good about myself until I lost enough weight to have a…

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Some time back, I ran across this saying:

“I have come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies, and actually using them, are two separate hobbies.”

It made me laugh, but it also hit uncomfortably close to home. I currently possess more beads, findings, equipment, tools, and other arts & crafts materials and supplies than I have ever owned in my life. And I have no craft room. Most of this stuff is crammed into plastic bins that are piled up in my bedroom. …

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Struggling to navigate the already slippery slopes of mid-life dating with the added liability of an incurable STI

I didn’t know any statistics, or really much of anything, about herpes on the day I went into the clinic complaining of a painful spot on my labia. I thought maybe my skin had broken down from a yeast infection, causing a tiny, painful little tear. It had happened to me once before, many years ago, and they’d even cultured me for herpes at the time, but it had been negative. This time around…


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In order to have a harmonious relationship with your narcissist, you must always be in agreement with her version of reality, no matter what it is. If she says black is white, then you must wholeheartedly embrace that black is now the new white.

His needs and feelings must always come first. Your own needs and feelings are not as important as his, and thus will always be irrelevant.

You must always accept and believe whatever she tells you, even if you have evidence to the contrary. Who are…

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I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, but when I was younger I was a lot less fat than I am now, and I wasn’t encumbered by my weight. Mobility wasn’t an issue. I didn’t struggle to get around. There weren’t obstacles for me everywhere I went. I was big, but I was able to function normally. For example, I was still able to fit into one seat on an airplane. I didn’t have any physical or medical problems related to my weight. …

Coming to terms with my dating/sexual history

To me, his comment was like a sucker punch out of nowhere, but to him I think it was just a casual observation. “You’ve been fucked a lot, but not loved a lot.” Ouch. The man who said this to me was someone I met online, and had a weekend fling with many years ago. I was so caught off-guard by his remark that I don’t remember giving him any response. What could I have said? I remember my face flushed with shame. I felt stung, as though he’d unexpectedly slapped me. How…

Penny Ladnier

I’m a retired psychiatric technician, a single mom of an adult son, an avid journal-keeper, jewelry-maker, and work-in-progress writer.

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